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Water Damage Services in Regina

water flood damage interior room couch piano

Water damage repair and flood restoration is also provided by Apec Restoration in Regina. It’s important to act fast when you are dealing with water damage. Our team can respond immediately, using advanced equipment and proven techniques to remove the excess water as soon as possible. The drying process is then monitored to ensure every area dries completely.

Apec Restoration places an emphasis on the drying process, monitoring it until it is complete and checking for any further damage or concerns. Whether your water damage occurred due to storm and flood damage, an appliance or plumbing leak, a toilet or bathtub overflow, or sewer backup, we have the equipment and expertise to completely restore your home.

Water damage remediation not only requires cleaning up the water, it also means sanitizing to remove bacteria. Sanitation is also what removes odor. We use a combination of techniques, including dry, wet, foam cleaning, abrasive, and immersion cleaning, with a focus on restoration over replacement—especially for keepsakes such as photos and personal items that are one of a kind. Sanitizing involves antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments; our staff knows when to use each type.

Drying procedures such industrial-grade dehumidifiers are used to prevent the warping of floors, walls, and furniture, and high-speed movers also create airflow across these areas to accelerate moisture evaporation.

You can rest assured that the professional team of water damage experts at Apec Restoration will work hard to meet your needs and restore your home to the best possible condition.

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