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Fire Damage Services in Regina

abandoned burned out building damage fire

Apec Restoration, one of the most trusted restoration companies, in Regina provides fire restoration services for homes and businesses in Saskatchewan. Fire can be one of the most devastating disasters that can happen to your property, causing not only fire and smoke damage, but also water damage and flooding as a result of firefighting efforts. Our trained professionals quickly clean up and restore your home to the condition it was in before the fire occurred while removing all strong odors.

Our process begins when you contact us in an emergency; then we inspect the property to assess the fire damage. If need, the area is boarded-up and a roof tarp is used to cover any open roofing areas.

Water removal and drying is done if water damage is present, and then smoke and soot is removed from all surfaces. We clean furniture and carpeting to remove soot, smoke damage, and burn marks, repairing the fabric whenever possible. We focus on restoration over replacement whenever possible, which not only preserves your belongings, but also reduces interruption of your daily routine.

Additional cleaning and repair is done throughout the building, and restoration of badly damaged areas begins. Apec Restoration will replace any structural areas or items if restoration is not possible. We can recommend any additional repair work, and our professionals will go over in detail which specific repairs your home needs to be fully restored.

When you need fire damage restoration as soon as possible, contact our Regina restoration company and we’ll come out to your location and assist you. We are always on call to meet your needs quickly.
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